Mike Venables Photographer

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specializing in Cars, Ice & Effects, People, Pharmaceutical/Healthcare, Food & Drink, Corporate & Industrial

Bill Prentice Photographer

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specializing in Advertising, Lifestyle, People,
Corporate, Fashion, Architecture

London Corporate Photographers

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specializing in Corporate Portraiture & Groups, Events/Conferences & Awards; Product shots, Architectural & Industrial, Corporate Publications & Sports Marketing, Personalities & PR Photography

Creative Photography you can depend upon

Photographic Techniques, creative photography for the advertising, design and business world. Speciality areas include: car photography, products, lifestyle, food and drink, special effects, ice, fashion, industrial, corporate publications, corporate portraiture and groups. Location and studio photography and an extensive, high-end retouching service.

Mike Venables, Bill Prentice and the corporate team have extensive experience in delivering high quality creative work in a professional and friendly manner across all of the following areas:

  • Advertising
  • Annual Reports
  • Architecture
  • Cars
  • Catalogues
  • Corporate events
  • Corporate portraiture & groups
  • Corporate Publications
  • Events/Conferences & Awards
  • Exhibitions
  • Fashion
  • Food & Drink
  • Ice & Effects
  • Industrial
  • Lifestyle
  • People
  • People at work
  • Personalities
  • Pharmaceutical/ Healthcare
  • PR Events
  • Product
  • Retouching
  • Still life


Based close to central London their own studio complex has props, set building materials and a great range of ancillary services on hand.

We have our future reputation in mind with every job we do.

If you would like to view a portfolio for either: Mike Venables, Bill Prentice or for our Corporate Photography, or if you have a specific job in mind and would like a quote, please contact us:
020 8542 2444 or e-mail: office@phototech.co.uk.